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Avail an SSS Online Training in 5 Easy Steps (And Get an E-Certificate)

The Social Security System (SSS) now offers free online training on SSS programs and updates through its ExpreSSS e-Learning portal or ExSSSeL portal

Through this portal, you will learn the policies, programs, and updates of SSS. A certificate will be issued as long as you get an 80% passing rate in the post-examination at the end of each module. 

How to Avail

1. Select a module.

Choose your preferred module by clicking on the links below:

Module 1: Sickness Benefit
Module 2: Maternity Benefit
Module 3: Unemployment Benefit
Module 4: Disability Benefit
Module 5: Salary Loan
Module 6: Pension Loan Program

2. Register online.

3. Study the module.

Take your time to study and understand the module. You can access the portal anytime, anywhere. Please note that multiple modules can be accessed simultaneously.

4. Take the post-examination.

At the end of each module, your knowledge will be gauged by answering a post-evaluation test. You need to have a passing rate of at least 80% to get an e-certificate. In case you fail, you may study the module again and re-take the test.

5. Wait for your e-certificate.

Expect to receive your certificate via e-mail within 7 working days from the date you took the post-examination and upon submission of the evaluation form.

For inquiries, please email member_relations@sss.gov.ph or call the SSS call center hotline at 1455.

Source: Social Security System

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