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8 Foods You Might Think That Are Boosting Your Energy (But Actually Draining It)

Our energy levels vary throughout the day. Several factors affect its natural shift and fluctuation, such as sleep and stress levels, physical activities, and the foods we eat

Usually, when our energy is not at its best, we grab foods to refuel our bodies. Most of the time, we feed our body with our cravings, or with what’s in the fridge, or what’s readily available. But do you know that there are foods that actually drain our energy instead of boosting it? Here are some common foods that we love that are to be blamed and to be considered on our diet:

White Bread and White Rice

Carbohydrate-rich food such as grains is a good source of energy. However, white bread and white rice can harm us when it comes to energy levels because the grains have been processed, which means that the outer layer (bran) that contains the fiber has been removed during the process. Hence, they tend to be digested quickly. 


Yogurt has many benefits, especially the Greek yogurts. However, non-fat yogurt has a high sugar level to make up for the lack of natural fats. This type of yogurt, when consumed frequently, can affect our energy levels. 


Just like white bread and rice, pasta is also a good source of carbohydrates. However, it contains refined carbs which can cause an increase in blood sugar and a drop in insulin. Hence, the fatigue and weakness that we feel after we avail an all-you-can-eat pasta are because of this reason.


Yeah, you’ve read it right. Coffee. So now you’re thinking, how can this energy booster and an eye-opener in the morning actually be a culprit in taking our energy? 

When taken in moderation, it gives us positive physical and mental effects. However, according to reports, caffeine can create short-term boosts in energy and brain function. 

Drinking coffee regularly increases our tolerance, which in effect reduces its effects on our body. Also, those lattes and frappes that we love are loaded with syrup and sugar or even artificial sweeteners that suck out our energy later. 


While known for its relaxing effect, especially when taken in the evening so we can sleep easily, alcohol reduces the amount of time we spend in our REM or rapid eye movement cycle when consumed in large amounts; hence, we are not getting the proper sleep that reloads our energy. 


Soda contains too much sugar, which causes our blood level to rise for a bit of time and then crash. Moreover, just like coffee, soda has caffeine. And too much caffeine consumption affects the quality of our sleep, thereby reducing our energy levels in the long term.

Energy Drinks

According to studies, energy drinks provide us with a short-term energy boost, increase concentration and memory, and reduce sleepiness. However, it contains a large amount of sugar, which like what has been said with soda and coffee, causes the energy to surge and then drop, making us more tired than before we consumed it.

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