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Tama is the KEY to Winning the Wano War!


So in the most recent chapter, Tama has been reintroduced into the story while Usopp and Nami are struggling against Page One and Ulti.

Obviously, Tama was introduced into the story into the first place because her Paramecia Devil Fruit can tame animals. In addition, we’ve seen that it can work on Gifters too (Speed)

Personally, I think that Tama taming Ulti and Page 1 would be a bit too convenient and also not really feel rewarding. However, I think it’d be really awesome if her power forced them to stay in their human forms instead.

It makes sense if you think about it.

Tama’s devil fruit works on animals so it should work on a Zoan users in their full animal form.

It doesn’t work on humans so it shouldn’t work on Zoan users in their human forms.

It works on Gifters so it should work on a Zoan users in their hybrid form. In their hybrid form, it could be a constant battle for control, where their dedication to Tama depends on their own willpower to fight her control.

I think this would be the best case scenario for the story.

Tama could get control of one of the Beasts Pirates (probably Page One, considering that he’s right there and in full dinosaur mode. And given Ulti’s mask, it probably wouldn’t be her).

This will have some major consequences. First, it’ll allow Usopp and Nami to escape alive, as consequence number 2 comes up: Page One vs. Ulti fight.

Page One, under Tama’s influence, attacks Ulti so the allied forces there can escape. At first, Ulti won’t know what to do, as her beloved “Pay-Pay” is attacking her. Given her apparently superior strength, however, she’d eventually beat him.

This will knock Page One back into his human form as he loses consciousness. When he wakes up back to normal, consequence 3 happens: the Beasts Pirates will realize that with Tama around, they’re limited to their human form. Someone might try their hybrid form, but most will be too concerned about being taken over. After all, if they’re under Tama’s control, they could lack the willpower to transform back into their human form on their own and end up her slaves until knocked out.

This leads to consequence 4: Tama becomes a priority target.

How everything plays out after that is anyone’s guess, but Luffy is too preoccupied with Kaido to protect her, even if he knew that she was there. This means that it’s up to the rest of the Straw Hats to defend her, on top of their normal fights.

*Theory by thegeekdom / Stickin8or