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Carrot’s Revenge against Charlotte Perospero


So far, the battle between Carrot and Perospero is playing out exactly as expected. I have said in past videos that I believe Carrot will join the Straw Hats, and I think having a significant character moment during this story arc is going to go a long way toward accomplishing that goal.

Carrot here remembers Pedro’s final words, instructing her to keep moving forward. I think what’s interesting about this scene is that it shows Carrot is still contemplating the meaning of Pedro’s sacrifice. She’s still searching for an answer. I believe that Pedro’s death fills the same narrative purpose as a tragic flashback for other members of the crew, which instilled in them a motivating desire to pursue their dreams.

Pedro believed so strongly that Luffy and the Straw Hats are meant to fulfill a long-held Mink prophecy of a coming New Dawn. I talked about this at length in my video analyzing the recurrence of moon symbolism throughout the series, but it’s important to note that the ancient societies, particularly those entrusted with Road Poneglyphs all have myths or legends with sun and moon / day and night motifs. From which we may deduce that the prophesied ‘New Dawn’ is inherently connected to One Piece.

Carrot says she knows Pedro’s sacrifice is in some way related to this war in Wano, but it also relates to the greater narrative arc of the series and thus can only be fully understood once One Piece is discovered and the True History revealed. Perhaps through Oden’s journal which Yamato holds will reveal this connection, inspiring Carrot’s continued adventures with the crew beyond Wano. She seems intent on understanding and honoring the reason Pedro gave his life.

It will be interesting to see what role Wanda plays in the battle against Perospero. While she and Carrot may work together to achieve victory, I feel like it will be more impactful if Wanda is defeated, leaving Carrot alone to face Perospero. Wanda, as a character, really hasn’t had much development and thus seems more ancillary to the narrative arc of the series as a whole.

*Theory by Straw Hat Jedi