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Shanks’ mythological connections with Elbaf and Blackbeard


Elbaf is the land of giants and the strongest country in the World. Elbaf is foreshadowed since a long time, and the Straw Hats will go there for sure. A very popular theory suggests this is where we’re going to meet Shanks.

Shanks’ ship (like much of Shanks character) is based on ancient Vikings’ lore.

Shanks himself is based on the Norse God Tyr, who like Shanks is one handed.

Shanks and Tyr share many similarities. They both were renowned for their swordsmanship. Their justness. And their red hair. Tyr was know as the god of war, law and justice. Which is weird because the God of Elbaf who we don’t know yet is pretty known for those three traits.

Could Dorry have been talking about Shanks? Is Shanks the fair god of Elbaf? I don’t know but one thing that always make me think is Shanks’ encounter with Eustass Kid. I mean he cut his arm off! Why? Was it justice? Was Kid, who is known for murdering and destroying villages, brought before Shanks?

To understand the role of Norse mythology in One Piece I think we need to dive deeper. Tyr lost his arm to one of Loki’s children, the beast wolf Fenrir.

This sacrifice had to be made to maintain order. Shanks risks his hand to a Sea King.

Tyr was prophesized to die in the hands of Garmr. IIn Norse mythology, Garmr is a wolf or dog associated with both Hel and Ragnarök, and described as a blood-stained guardian of Hel’s gate.

In many iterations he is known to have three heads.

The fight between Shanks and Blackbeard has been hinted a lot. Those Shanks’ scars, Shanks’ concern about Blackbeard’s rising strength, Blackbeard outright saying at the end of the War of the Best that it’s not the time for their fight implying there will be one.

So the ending of One Piece could be based off these events.

*Theory by luffyintherange