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Possible Deaths among the Red Scabbards


I believe chapter 992 marked the Red Scabbards’ Best Performance and that last scene was the greatest attack that not only they could deliver but also that Kaido ever took in his life so the hard truth is “this is far as they get”!!

But knowing Oda, I highly doubt we will see Kaido and the Scabbards next chapters, we will now get a look back at the Straw Hats and their fights.

Once we see the roof again, it will be Kaido overpowering them and being serious.

In my opinion there should be some casualties among the Scabbards so let’s check which ones have the highest chance of dying:

Inuarashi and Nekomamushi are getting along now but it still doesn’t change the fact that Zou have two Kings now so it’s highly possible one of them will die and I lean most towards Inuarashi for many reasons (Nekomamushi is the last to arrive, it’s a little annoying that he dies so fast and we already lost Pedro who was a Guardian which means if Nekomamushi dies, there won’t be any character to lead the Guardians really, plus Nekomamushi is more unique in his fighting style)

For some reason, Oda decided that Kiku is the one who defeats Kanjuro even though most expected it to be Kin’emon, could it be that Oda wanted to give her an exclusive moment to shine before she is forced to share this fight with others because he is planning to kill her?

I think it’s possible especially with Izo there for more drama.

Ashura Doji felt so much regret and sadness when he saw his comrades attack Onigashima years ago and die, he is also the only one who was basically a villain before meeting Oden, so it’s possible Ashura will have a heroic death protecting his friends and claiming that he will now finally rejoin his old friends and make up for the crimes he did in the past.

Kin’emon‘s death would be the most shocking out of all 9 so it’s still up there, but due to how important he is, I believe he still needs to become the Samurai Commander of Wano.

Raizo is the only ninja in the group and we have a full arc where Minks almost died to protect him, i don’t see any reason for him to die.

Kawamatsu is also among the ones i can’t imagine dying simply because his story is with characters who aren’t present here, so his death would be lackluster, not to mention he is the last Scabbard introduced.

Finally, Denjiro is considered a traitor so it’s possible Kaido will want to kill him out of everyone else but being the Yakuza Leader, the last Scabbard to meet the rest and his story tied to Hiyori who isn’t there too, then I also doubt he would die.

In conclusion, i believe Ashura, Kiku & Inurashi are the ones most likely to die (if Oda decided to add some deaths).

Post-Arc, Kin’emon will be Samurai Commander, Raizo will lead the Ninja, Denjiro will remain Yakuza Leader, Nekomamushi will be sole King of Zou.

*Theory by Salah Eddine