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Oda is using color spreads to foreshadow Zoro’s moves in Wano!


I’m not a proponent of “color spread theories” but in Wano Oda seems to be playing around a lot with Zoro in these things.

Chapter 929 Color Spread – Zoro using a Scythe… 8 chapters before the Kamazo fight.

Chapter 937 Color Spread – Zoro with a map to a sword with the Kanji “Enma”…. Again 16 chapters before Enma is even talked about.

Chapter 992 Color Spread – Zoro eating from a bowl with a Blue dragon in front of a full moon…. Does this mean anything?

Zoro’s attacks are Japanese Food puns. So basically you can just replace food for an attack. Same way you can replace ‘Onigiri- Demon cutter’ with ‘Onigiri- Rice ball’.

I was wondering why Oda chose food to connect Zoro to a blue eastern Dragon in the moonlight. The food is INTERCHANGABLE with an attack.

Does this means Zoro is going to fight Kaido in the next chapters? Will Zoro be the one to give the final blow to Kaido?

*Theory by ImmaIvanoM