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Chapter 992 has shown a very important thing about Power Scaling in One Piece


Seriously though, in chapter 992 Oda is showing us again that the Top-Tier(Yonko and Admirals) aren’t invincible and invulnerable.

Even if you are at a level way lower than them, you could still hold your own or be effective.

For so long the Admirals got downplayed at Marineford because they were getting stalled or injured from people weaker than them but now that the same is happening to Kaido and Big Mom, people are freaking out as if this isn’t how Oda has been showing us how it is for a long time.

Marco managed to block Akainu and Kizaru, and send Aokiji and Kizaru flying. Jozu managed to push back Aokiji, Jinbe managed to block Akainu and Big Mom, and send Big Mom flying.

Squard managed to get one sneak attack on the great pirate, something that Marco claimed was usually impossible (albeit Marco also claimed that Whitebeard could have predicted the attack with ease in his younger days).

Now we’re currently seeing the Red Scabbards injuring and blocking Kaido’s attacks as well. The power scaling is consistent and makes sense.

Oda is doing a great job to not turn this series into DBZ, 7 Deadly Sins or Naruto where the more hyped up you are, everyone else is an ant to you.

*by Mugiwara300