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Oda’s amazing attention to details in latest chapter!

In latest chapter the fight between Kaido and the Red Scabbards was choreographed perfectly for maximum emotional impact.

Every Scabbard showing off their own unique style one after the other.

Each Scabbard dealing a bit of damage to Kaido which validated their own strengths, and then the flashback of Oden desperately trying to show them his own style and the Scabbards saying “No, we have our own styles.”

But it was all a trick, the Scabbards were secretly practicing the Two-Sword style behind Oden’s back all so they could prove to him that THEY were the #1 retainer. But Oden died before any of them could show it to him.

Thinking about that makes me want to cry honestly. Oden believed they were just ignoring him but, no, all they ever wanted was to show their dedication to their leader by learning the style on their own.

So instead of showing Oden they get this moment to put everything they have into trying to kill Kaido. Not just using their own styles, but debuting their ultimate technique that they practiced in secret in order to impress Oden, the Two-Sword Style!!

Kaido robbed them of their chance to show it to Oden so now he feels the full force of the attack.

God I could go on and on about why this scene was peak Shonen but I feel like this scene will go over so many people’s heads… it’s honestly one of the best written action sequences in the ENTIRE SERIES.

*by BEWMarth