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Two New STRAW HATS Members After WANO!


Chapter 995 revealed that Yamato is aware of the concept known as the Dawn of the World. Yamato is telling Momonosuke that he will be instrumental for the Dawn of the World to happen.

This is VERY IMPORTANT for the future of the series, as we need to remember that Yamato has access to Oden’s journal, therefore she might know a lot about the endgame.

What this also means is that – now MORE LIKELY THAN EVER – Momonosuke will not stay on Wano once this arc is over, as he will need to be with Luffy in order to be bring upon the Dawn of the World.

At the same time, given that Yamato is Momonosuke’s only retainer – who’s already pledged full allegiance to him – we might have a double addition to the crew – or if you don’t like the idea, at the very least a double “honorary member” just like Kinemon has been for the Post Timeskip up until now.

I might be completely wrong about this, so we’ll see, but this is becoming more and more likely everyday.

*Theory by DrKuro