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The upcoming Bayon will be Hyundai’s smallest crossover yet


These are exciting times we’re living in, aren’t they? Perhaps the most exciting news from today is that Hyundai is building yet another crossover, and that it’ll arrive in early 2021. Joy of joys!

Said crossover, which for now is intended for Europe, will be Hyundai’s smallest yet, sitting below the Kona, the Tucson, the Nexo and the Santa Fe. It’ll be called the Bayon—named after the city of Bayonne in the southwestern part of of France—and that’s about all we know for certain so far. Told you this was exciting.

Hyundai does cite Bayonne’s active lifestyle culture in its press material, though, so expect the Bayon to feature plenty of black plastic cladding and faux-by-four features. For reference, it’ll likely be based on the i20 supermini and will rival things such as the new Toyota Yaris Cross.

Where does this rank on 2020’s list of most exciting car news?