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The SARD Supra is a JDM beast with a whopping 493hp and 686Nm


The Supra tuning scene hasn’t slept since Toyota revealed the A90 back in 2019. Until now, garages are busy trying to squeeze the most out of the Japanese carmaker’s latest sports car. As far as performance goes, SARD’s take might be one of the most impressive ones yet.

The Japanese tuning company recently unveiled the SARD Supra—a souped-up version of the A90 with a 3.0-liter turbo capable of a whopping 493hp at 5,800rpm and 686Nm of torque at 3,000rpm.

The added oomph comes courtesy of a handful of changes to the car, including a high-flow turbo kit and sports catalyzer. SARD has also gone through the trouble of altering this Supra’s suspension and brakes. The new setup is height-adjustable and features a reinforced stabilizer, and stopping duties are handled by new Alcon brakes.

Oh, and if you’re into how clean all the aero bits here come together, you’ll probably be happy to know the man responsible for it is former Toyota 86 chief designer Takayasu Furukawa. According to him, the main goal when it came to the car’s appearance was to not get carried away.

“We aimed for a SARD identity that is elegant and has a sports image, not over-decorated,” Furukawa said.

“In order to realize a wide proportion with a low center of gravity, we created it as a design integrated with the body form, such as an over fender shaped from the center of the hood and a rear fender that flows from the door side.”

This considerably faster, considerably cooler-looking Toyota GR Supra doesn’t come cheap, though. SARD says only 20 units are for sale, and as such, each one carries a pretty premium price tag. How much? The SARD Supra will cost you at least ¥12,500,000 (more than P5.78 million). That’s excluding taxes, by the way. Worth it?