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Study Says K-Pop Stans Can Spend As Much As P69,000 for Their Idols


In the event that you've ever enjoyed, even LOVED, a melodic craftsman, you've probably upheld them by purchasing their music, watching their shows on the web or live, or in any event, purchasing stuff like their shirts, mugs, stickers, and so forth. We've never really offered thought to the amount more we really spend to show our affection, now and then even fixation, with the craftsmen who make our reality quite a lot more dynamic and brilliant. 

However, presently, there's a genuine investigation that endeavors to put a sum to our commitment to our melodic icons. In particular, to allies of the most mainstream K-pop gatherings today, which is an overall wonder that is giving no indications of easing back down. The three gatherings are BTS, Blackpink, and Twice. 

Meta-search site iPrice estimated how much a K-pop superfan spends on the off chance that they purchased the entirety of the craftsmen's collections and at any rate one product for every shopping class, just as gone to one show for each year. The organization can do this by getting the normal cost of every classification in its information base of items and consolidating it with information on merchandise costs from fans' destinations, for example, Bt21 Fans. Show passes, then, are determined dependent on the normal cost, all things considered, or levels from each show visit, while the cost of the gatherings' collections are restricted to studio collections and EPs dependent on the rundown of each band's discography on Wikipedia. The collection value data is gotten from four global music stores (KTown4U.com, CDJapan.co, Target.com, YGex.jp). 

Which K-pop fan gathering can spend the most? 

In view of these measures, a gave individual from ARMY—the name for aficionados of pop gathering BTS—is probably going to have just spent a normal of P68,725. The breakdown: at any rate 15 studio collections and EPs, went to five shows, and bought various merchandise. 

Only for examination, the most recent iPhone 12 Pro can cost P68,000 in the event that you look for it on iPrice. 

Aficionados of Twice, or "onces," then again, can spend up to P39,824. The young lady bunch has come out with 14 collections, and on the off chance that you add merchandise, 14 collections, and going to in any event four shows, it's anything but difficult to perceive how being a fan can hinder you by that much. 

Then, Blackpink fans, or "flickers," can spend up to about P32,139. As indicated by iPrice, the sum is a lot of lower than a BTS ARMY or Twice fan, on the grounds that Blackpink is a generally more youthful gathering that has come out with less collections and done less shows. 

K-pop collections, shows, and merchandise 

After music circulation was overturned by digitalization, craftsmen have needed to enhance their pay more with subordinate revenue sources, including accomplishing all the more live shows and selling stock. K-pop fandoms specifically are immersed with incalculable things that bear the names and resemblance of their deities—from home and stylistic theme things, lomo cards, telephone cases, dress, and some more. 

As per iPrice, if a superfan is sufficiently dedicated to buy one thing for every shopping class (for example gets one light stick, a shirt, a lomo card, etc), that individual can spend up to P26,340 on the off chance that he is important for the BTS armed force. A flicker would spend about P16,867 on merchandise, while a once would burn through P8,361. 

One other finding of the investigation: buying collections is evidently the most un-expensive, which is uplifting news for fans who show their help and thankfulness for these gatherings through their music. On the off chance that an ARMY purchases the entirety of BTS's collections, the person will spend up to P16,239, while it's P7,781 for Blackpink fans, and P9,908 for Twice fans. 

At last, while live shows have been required to be postponed in light of the pandemic, iPrice determined the amount K-pop fans would spend on tickets at any rate. On the off chance that a super fan had the option to get one show pass a year to see their godlike objects, it would cost them a normal of P26,147 for BTS, P7,491 for Blackpink, and P21,555 for Twice.