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Roadster, shooting brake, and STI renders of the all-new Subaru BRZ have surfaced


That didn’t take long. Mere days after the new, second-gen Subaru BRZ broke cover, the creative rendering industry has been attaching virtual wings or lopping off the roof.

Yep, TopGear.com favorite X-Tomi Design sees the boxer-engined coupe as a mere base for its fine electronic crayonsmanship (it’s a word).

So there’s a BRZ STI, something the first-gen BRZ never truly boasted on an official level. The original’s STI treatment only ever amounted to styling packs and some suspension tweaks, never anything to boost the car’s exceedingly modest 197hp. This X-Tomi imagining of a next-gen STI looks like a proper 300hp-plus Cayman fighter. We like it.

The other two offerings are similarly based on stuff that’s not previously existed—roadster and shooting brake versions of Subaru’s RWD coupe. Toyota flirted with the idea of a GT86 convertible, but it never made production.

Like what you see? Or would simply getting the regular all-new BRZ be enough to keep you happy?