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All the Unsolved Mysteries and Plot Points of Wano Arc


  • I’m going to list all of the mysteries that could be easily forgotten but we know Oda will explain as he always does in these “big tyrant” arcs (i.e. all of the mysteries in Dressrosa like the legendary Kyros being both the toy soldier and Rebecca’s father, the dwarf tribe that Noland mentioned hundreds of chapters ago being the Tontatta and so on).

  • All right, here we go:

  • What’s the deal with the kokeshi dolls near the poneglyph in Orochi’s castle and Hitetsu being a kokeshi doll collector?

  • What happened to Gyukimaru and Hiyori? Will she finally get her revenge on Orochi even though he seems “dead”?

  • What happened with Ryuma and the dragon? If that story is true, did Ryuma fight an actual dragon, confirming dragons exist in the One Piece world, or was he a human who ate a Dragon devil fruit?

  • What happened to CP0 and Orochi’s request regarding Vegapunk?
  • Why are Wano’s regions physically separated and with totally diferent climates? Does this relate

    to the Giant Skull of Onigashima and the continent pullers? This wouldn’t be the first mention of ancient giants in this arc, since we recently discovered that the Numbers are failed experiments at recreating the Ancient Giants.
  • Speaking of this, is Kaido somewhat related to this race? He has the exact type of horns as them.

  • Oda said in SBS 96 that the creator of Enma and Wado Ichimonji, Shimotsuki Kozaburo, father of Koshiro and grandfather of Kuina, fled from Wano 55 years ago and created the Shimotsuki village that we see in Zoro’s backstory, but Oda refused to give more information about Zoro, implying it would be explained in the story: “To put it in other words, who Zoro meant by “a geezer in his village” that he met was actually grandpa Shimotsuki Kozaburo-san himself, who comes from the Wano Country. Oh? Then could that mean…Zoro’s lineage…?! Well, the story of Shimotsuki Kozaburo, the samurai who founded Shimotsuki Village, is all I’m willing to share today!” How is Zoro related to Wano?

  • In chapter 982 Marco mentioned that Onigashima wasn’t called like this in the past; what’s the deal with that?
  • Speaking of Onigashima, what’s the deal with the “sacred tree” that Sasaki was tied to? There is clearly more to tell about Onigashima’s lore.

  • What is Kaido’s lifetime debt to Big Mom?

  • Are sasaki and Kokoro connected? She said that her son went out to sea; both Kokoro and Sasaki are fishmen, have green hair (as revealed in the cover of volume 97) and wear train conductor hats; Franky meeting Sasaki as of the latest chapter (996) could give us some more insight on this or disprove the theory.

  • In chapter 995 Queen, while looking at Sanji’s bounty, mentions how he is the son of Vinsmoke Judge and talks in a way that makes it very obvious that he knows Judge; how are they connected? Since Judge worked with Vegapunk in the past, were they all part of the same science team or do they know eachother because of an another reason?

  • What’s the deal with seastone and the fact that it originated from Wano, as said by Hawkins?

  • Why was Wano called the “Country of gold” hundreds of years ago?

  • What did Eustass Kid take from Big Mom? Is it a copy of her Road Poneglyph or something else?

  • In the Oden flashback we see glimpses of the Numbers and the Calamities while Oden and the Scabbards are fighting Kaido’s forces; how could Jack be one of his subordinates at that time if 20 years ago he was only 8? (Oda revealed the ages of the Calamities and Jack is 28) Was it actually Jack or someone else that took the place of Jack in the Beasts Pirates? Also, if Kaido already had the Numbers 20 years ago, could it be that they are a Vegapunk experiment and not a Caesar creation?

  • Speaking of this, what is Vegapunk’s connection to Kaido? He was the one to create the dragon fruit that Momonosuke ate that clearly resembles Kaido’s dragon form.

  • Oden in his flashback mentions that he would have to wait 20 years, and even the characters in the present (Ashura Douji and Kinemon in a dialogue) wonder why did it have to be 20 years specifically, talking about Toki’s prophecy and the liberation of Wano; so why 20 years specifically?

  • What is Yamato’s relation with Ace? Ace is connected to Yamato because the two have met before, but in chapter 985 Yamato states that he/she is forced to stay on THIS island (they are talking in Onigashima) because of the explosive handcuffs that he/she had since the age of 8; does this mean that Ace also went to Onigashima? Does this tie into the fact that Ace’s name is perfectly in line with the names/titles of the Calamities of Kaido’s crew (Jack, Queen, King, Ace) and the overall card theme or is it just a coincidence?

  • Speaking of this, does this tie into the reason that Kaido wanted to go to Marineford (but was stopped by Shanks) or did he have another reason to go? What are the details of that event?

  • At first it would seem that Yamato is wearing a mask so that the people who don’t know him/her wouldn’t be confused about the fact that he/she is a biological female but claims to be Oden, but we are shown in chapter 994 that Yamato was wearing a mask even 20 years ago at Oden’s execution before her admiration for Oden started; Kaido repeatedly beat Yamato in the past just for stating that he/she admired Oden and wanted to be like him, but now we are shown that Kaido respects gender pronouns and calls Yamato his son; this doesn’t really make sense, considering how Kaido is a brutal man and ruined Yamato’s life, he doesn’t really look like a man who would respect gender pronouns; so considering everything I’ve said, could it be that the reason Yamato wants so bad to be a man (Oden in particular) and was SHOWN wearing the mask hiding her/his biological sex BEFORE Oden was killed was because Kaido wanted to have a biologically male son but since he didn’t he “forced” Yamato to be one?

  • Fukurokuju disappeared in the middle of the battle and that caught Hotei’s attention, where did he go? Is he going to do something related to Orochi’s possible return?

  • What is King’s race?

  • Why does King’s outfit share striking similarities with Shiryu’s outfit? (Exact same suit, exact same skull patches on it) Does he have a connection with Impel Down? Is he a former Warden or something else?

  • Who was following Robin and Jinbe once they landed on Onigashima?

  • Does Fujitora come from Wano?

  • Who is Basil Hawkins talking about when he says the likelihood of a certain man surviving until tomorrow is 1%?

  • *List by UniversalNexus