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How are Korean netizens responding to TWICE's new melody and music video for 'I Can't Stop Me'?


On October 26 KST, the mainstream young lady bunch TWICE delivered the title track "I Can't Stop Me" to their new collection 'Eyes Wide Open'. 

The tune gloats of an incredible retro-electropop beat as the young ladies sing the message about being a free individual who can't be controlled. As the melody music video was delivered, it arrived at a brisk 8 million perspectives on YouTube.

Numerous worldwide fans have been sitting tight for the young lady gathering to make their rebound as they discharge their second Korean collection. Nonetheless, Korean netizens have been marginally disillusioned in the new tune as they express the melody's music video isn't on a par with they anticipated.

Korean netizens were recently energized as they discovered that another creation organization had worked with TWICE on this collection. Notwithstanding, when the music video was delivered, they appeared to be somewhat frustrated as they felt even the music video wasn't adequate with the tune. 

Korean netizens took to an online network to share their musings, which you can peruse underneath. 

Netizens' Commented: 

"The tune is acceptable, yet I have blended sentiments about the music video." 

"The tune is addictive, and the move is acceptable." 

"The tune is so acceptable." 

"The movement is extraordinary. I can hardly wait to watch their fancams." 

"The MV has somewhat of a Chinese vibe. Who is the overseer of this?" 

"I don't comprehend what the idea of the collection is." 

"I enjoyed their idea photographs, however I don't care for the music video much." 

"I love the tune yet not the music video." 

"The tune is incredible, the individuals are so lovely, yet the MV is terrible." 

"I truly like the tune, yet what's with the lotus blossom toward the start. lol." 

"The music video is better than anyone might have expected. Yet, it's not in the same class as I anticipated." 

"I don't care for the presentation part of the music." 

"They blended an excessive number of ideas into the music video, I feel."