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Dota 2 has an Among Us custom mode


In the event that you've played Among Us, you'll know there's a workmanship to being the faker. You need to lurk around, claiming to do errands, at the same time following your individual crewmates. All things considered, you can do that inside Dota 2 currently, on account of an Among Us-roused Arcade mode. 

The custom mode, which was made by two Russian YouTubers, pits ten players facing one another. Much the same as the InnerSloth game, eight will be guiltless group individuals who need to finish undertakings to endure and two will be fakers. The shams can kill blameless saints once like clockwork and damage an aspect of the guide up to multiple times. 

There is a distinction to the fundamental game however – fakers can utilize their exceptional capacity to get the high ground over their foes. The Monkey King, for instance, can stow away on display to slaughter clueless team mates, and Rubick can take the capacity of a murdered player. 

Presently the game is just accessible in Russian and English, however you can download it here through the Steam Workshop. It is additionally accessible to play through the Arcade in-game. 

So on the off chance that you've ever needed to get your own back on a Pudge after an unpleasant Dota 2 positioned coordinate, presently is your opportunity. Simply don't act too sus, alright?