Health Benefits Of Drinking Tsaang Gubat

This small plant can be seen in the hot climate of Sri Lanka, India, and the Philippines.

Tsaang Gubat (Ehretia Microphylla Lam.) or also called as Puputai, Wild Tea, Maragued, Alibungog, Fukien tea tree, and Forest Tea. This small plant can be seen in the hot climate of Sri Lanka, India, and the Philippines.

Tsaang Gubat can grow from 1 to 4 meters. It has small white flowers, green leaves, and fruits which are yellow and fleshy when it is available.

Tsaang Gubat was also popular for the medical properties that it has and it was used as a tea. Some of the benefits that it can give are to heal inflammation, diarrhea, allergy, teething issues, canker sores, dysentery, stomach issues, skin, eczema, diabetes, scabies, itching, cough, wounds, gastroenteritis, and colic.

Here are the lists of the health benefits of Tsaang Gubat:

Boosts Mental Health

Tsaang Gubat can help to eliminate nervous tension and headaches, helps you to sleep better, and can help to reduces, irritability, reduce your stress hormone levels, decrease the risk of having a cognitive impairment, and makes you alert.

Treat and Prevent Acne Breakouts

Tsaang Gubat contains antioxidant properties that can help to hear and stop acne from growing. Drinking this tea without adding milk or sugar can help to fight against dehydration and it is also calorie-free.

Protects The Body Against Diseases

Tsaang Gubat can decrease or stop the risk for different illnesses like Parkinson's diseases, c4ncer, and arthritis thus can strengthen the immune system of the body based on some research. It can also help to treat various diseases such as food poisoning, diabetes, high blood pressure, and nasal congestion.

Protects The Heart And Other Organs

Daily intake of Tsaang Gubat tea can keep the heart healthy, reduce the risk of getting a heart attack and stroke, and decrease the blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This tea can also decrease intestinal inflammation.

Has Antibacterial Properties

Tsaang Gubat has antibacterial properties that can fight against Shigella Flexneri, Bacillus subtilis, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, and Klebsiella pneumonia according to some research.

Contains Effective Anti-inflammatory Agents

Tsaang Gubat contains anti-inflammatory activities that can help to some disease pain and arthritis because of the presence of different phytochemicals.


In some experiments research, Tsaang Gubat was discovered to have a rosmarinic acid and Microphyllone that can help to manage the allergy.

Prevents Cancer Development

Tsaang Gubat possesses quercetin that can have a different antiproliferative effect and is the chemo-preventive activity that can be added to any natural treatment for c4ncer.

Here is the preparation on how to make Tsaang Gubat Tea:

Rinse the leaves of Tsaang Gubat thoroughly. Then, cut them to a desirable size. After that, put 1 cup of chopped leaves in 2 cups of water for over 15 to 20 minutes. Then, strain it and you can finally consume the tea.

Gargle can help to stop cavities from happening and can strengthen your teeth. All you need to do was to consume a cupful each of 4 hours to treat stomach pains, gastroenteritis, and diarrhea. The daily intake of the tea was good for health.

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