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Zoro will get infected by Queen’s Ice Oni


So we have been introduced to Queen’s masterpiece Ice Oni. Once a person is struck by an Excite Bullet infused with this virus, their skin will become covered in ice, making them feel extremely cold.

The ice will take on a demonic shape, causing a pair of horns and sharp fangs to manifest on the victim’s head and mouth, giving them the appearance of an oni.

Once their body is covered in ice, the victim appears to lose their sense of reasoning and enters a berserk state, targeting anyone around them, ally or not. Moreover, they receive a boost in physical strength and durability due to an increase in muscle mass, meaning they are nearly impossible to defeat through conventional means.

According to Chopper, the virus’s symptoms cause too much strain on the victim’s body, leading to their eventual death in around a hour at best, as confirmed by Queen.

I mean sure they have an hour till people die. But if we want to up the suspense, who better to get infected than a Straw Hat. And who better than Zoro? I’m going assume this happens by him protecting another teammate or someone of importance. How he gets it isn’t the driving force behind the thought.

We know Ice Oni makes them look like onis(demons), turns their skin iceish, makes them stronger and more ferocious. A lot of Zoro’s theme for his attacks are already oni based and he himself is already considered ferocious and a bit of a demon. Plus Chopper says how could the human body endure this. We already know after Zoro’s encounter with Kuma that the notion of being expected to die isn’t something that Zoro frankly gives a damn about. So his body can surely take it at least for the time limit.

I’m thinking this could lead to a oni form Zoro fighting either King or Queen. Leaning towards King for some fire vs ice action. Maybe ice gives him some heat resist.

Let me know what you guys think. It’s out there but I think it could be cool.

*Theory by Mc_Awesome101