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Kaido is a World Government Experiment!


38 years ago: God Valley

Kaido was an apprentice on the ship of Rocks D. Xebec. I think at this time he didn’t have a dragon devil fruit. He was just a normal physically strong guy.

I think he looked up to Rocks. I believe Rocks Pirates had the same kind of system that Beasts Pirates now have. If you beat someone in a higher rank than you, you can take their place.

Sengoku said infighting was common in the Rocks Pirates. This could be one of the reasons. Since Kaido was an apprentice on such a ship, he could’ve adopted the captain’s way of being a pirate.

During the incident of God Valley Rocks was defeated and most probably killed. I think during this, Rocks could’ve been betrayed by people like Big Mom, Shiki and Whitebeard. This could be the reason Kaido said “Alliances with pirates often end in betrayal.” to Kinemon and the Scabbards a few chapters ago.

I think after Rocks fell, Kaido challenged the Marines on his own to avenge Rocks and was captured or was captured during the incident itself.

Kaido is half ancient giant

This could explain the horns and his body being super sturdy. Kaido is half ancient giant, which was one of the main reasons for his capture. The World Government is kind of obsessed with Ancient Giants. They made experiments to create Ancient Giants causing the creation of the Numbers.

Oars Jr’s body went missing after the Marineford war. The reason for this is another theory of mine which says Joy Boy was an ancient giant. But you get the point. The World Government really likes Ancient Giants.

So when they saw Kaido, they seized the chance and captured him.

The Dragon Devil Fruit

I think Kaido was experimented upon (I’m not sure but maybe they extracted the Ancient Giant DNA from his to create the Numbers). I think they could’ve also fed him a Dragon devil fruit and then used him to create smiles.


I think the way SMILEs are made is from cells of the original animals. So they had Kaido transform into a dragon, and took some of his dragon cells to create the Dragon SMILE that Momonosuke ate.

Big Mom

I think Big Mom somehow saved Kaido from captivity. This is the lifetime favour Kaido owes Linlin. She saved him from slavery.

Wano and Yamato

A few years later, Kaido and now his pirate crew the Beast Pirates took over Wano in Oden’s absence. This I believe is for two reasons.

Reason 1: For the weapons. Kaido made a deal with Orochi and took over Wano because he needs the weapons for his dream of starting the biggest war the world has ever seen. He could be thinking of waging a war against the World Government.

Reason 2: Yamato. I’m going to say it. I just think Kaido is being an overprotective dad. He doesn’t want Yamato to experience the outside world, because he knows firsthand the horrors that are present there. That’s why he puts those cuffs on her. That’s one of the reasons he picked Wano. No one comes in, no one goes out. Therefore there will be no danger for her.

But he isn’t used to being a caring and comforting father, all he’s knows since he was young was fights and struggles. So he hit her to make sure she doesn’t leave.

Think about it, Yamato is strong. She made Ulti faint with the Thunder Bagua. Why doesn’t Kaido have her as an official crew member? He has even Holdem as a Headliner. So why not his own daughter? He doesn’t want to lose her. He’s afraid of putting her in danger.

You could argue that she simply refused to be a part of his crew, but that doesn’t make sense considering the fact that he’s planning on making Yamato the Shogun of Wano. If she refused to join his crew, what makes Kaido think that she’ll accept to become Shogun?

Again Kaido is keeping her from leaving Wano.

Final Thoughts

Maybe sometime during the fight, Kaido’s robe/cape thingy will fall off, and we see his back and see a giant slave mark on his back.

Also it will be very interesting if Vegapunk makes an appearance in Wano, since he was the one who would’ve been in charge of the experiments done on Kaido.

That’s it. What do you think?

*Theory by letsgomina